We talk about it a lot, but what is actually involved in repairing track and replacing sleepers? Quite a bit actually, and it’s hard work!

Check out some footage today of our volunteers replacing a section of sleepers (or where there once were sleepers 🤷) and some of the work involved. Luckily, today we had the assistance of an excavator, which makes huge difference compared to digging everything by hand, which is often what we have to do.

This section is on Loco Road No. 1, which is being repaired to allow our CPH Railmotors to travel from the Loco Shed to the Station Platform.

Love watching these guys work!

🙋‍♀️ Did you know that all the supplies that we use, including the sleeper screws, tools, protective equipment and the sleepers themselves, all come from donations and the money that we raise through our museum and other activities. Every person who visits our museum, purchases our merchandise or buys a sausage sandwich on market day is directly contributing to the restoration of these tracks and the return of tourist trains to the Monaro.