Tourist Trains

Roll through the countryside on one of our heritage trains

We are currently working on the restoration of the railway infrastructure between Cooma and Snowy Junction platform, the first stage of our tourist train operations. This work involves:

  • Replacement of close to 2000 sleepers
  • Repairs to 3 small culverts
  • Remediation of the Yareen Road level crossing
  • Replacement of the Polo Flat Road level crossing
  • Replacement of the burnt-out culvert on the norther approach to Cooma yard

We are also in the process of replacing over 300 sleepers within the yard to allow our rolling stock to move around the yard.

While the timeframe for the return of our CPH Rail motors is dependant on our ability to source additional funding for new sleepers, or obtain suitable used sleepers, we expect this to occur during 2024.

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