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Community Announcement – Railway Reactivation


We would like to advise that from Saturday 18th May 2024, the section of railway line between the southern end of Cooma Railway Station and the Polo Flat Road level crossing at Snowy Junction will be reactivated. Rail maintenance vehicles will commence regular operation on this section of track as restoration work continues. 👷‍♀️ PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, access to the railway corridor is restricted to qualified personnel only. When crossing the railway line, please use the designated crossing points at Yareen Road Level Crossing or the Thurrung Street Overbridge. 🚗 MOTORISTS: The Yareen Road Level Crossing is [...]

Community Announcement – Railway Reactivation2024-05-19T21:27:30+10:00

CMR at the Transport Heritage NSW Sector Development Day


Yesterday, we had the pleasure of presenting to our peers at the Transport Heritage NSW Sector Development Day about our museum and the lessons we've learnt over the first 12 months of operation. It was great to reflect on our success since opening in December 2022 and look back at all the amazing work that our volunteers have completed over many years to make the museum a reality. It was also great to hear so much positive feedback from our peers. At the conclusion of the day, we had the opportunity to tour the new Heritage Hub storage facility [...]

CMR at the Transport Heritage NSW Sector Development Day2024-05-19T21:46:19+10:00

What is sleeper replacement?


We talk about it a lot, but what is actually involved in repairing track and replacing sleepers? Quite a bit actually, and it's hard work! Check out some footage today of our volunteers replacing a section of sleepers (or where there once were sleepers 🤷) and some of the work involved. Luckily, today we had the assistance of an excavator, which makes huge difference compared to digging everything by hand, which is often what we have to do. This section is on Loco Road No. 1, which is being repaired to allow our CPH Railmotors to travel from the [...]

What is sleeper replacement?2024-04-27T11:49:48+10:00

VW Ganger Trolley Restoration


With school out for a couple of weeks, some of our Cadets took the opportunity to join our weekday team and continue work on the restoration of one of our VM Ganger Trolleys. This trolley has been completely disassembled and repaired both structurally and cosmetically. The team has been busy priming and painting all the components while learning about how the vehicle is constructed, with reassembly planned for next week. Once the mechanical work has been completed on drivetrain, this vehicle will go in to service with our track crew to assist with inspection and repairs on the track [...]

VW Ganger Trolley Restoration2024-04-19T12:15:30+10:00

Yareen Road Level Crossing Reactivation


Thanks to a huge effort from the team today, where the Yareen Road Level Crossing has now been reactivated. Check out this quick snapshot of our volunteers at work following by the exciting sound of bells with flashing lights. Today, the team were able to complete: 🔹 Removal of vegetation around the approaches 🔹 Painting of the control hut 🔹 Repairs to the roof of the control hut 🔹 Repairs to damaged wiring in the bell circuits 🔹 Painting of fences 🔹 Painting of light and bell housing 🔹 Re-install warning signs 🔹 Install new Railway Crossing signs 🔹 [...]

Yareen Road Level Crossing Reactivation2024-04-19T12:09:53+10:00

Project Update – MBC22959


The weather was fighting us for a few months over Summer, but our volunteers have made some significant progress on the restoration of Refrigeration Van MBC22959 with the final colours now being applied to the exterior. To get to this point, our volunteers have completed a huge amount of work, including: 🔹 Replacement of missing and rotten timbers on the exterior of the van 🔹 Repair and replacement of damaged or rotten wall structure 🔹 Replace missing or failed screws on exterior timbers 🔹 Descaling of the steel under frame and bogies to remove rust and build-up of debris [...]

Project Update – MBC229592024-04-19T12:04:33+10:00

100 Today – CPH #6


Happy Birthday to one of the stalwarts of CMR, our beautiful heritage rail motor, CPH No. 6, who turns 100 years old today. CPH rail motors were a regular site across the NSW rail network, including Cooma and it's great to see these units still operating today, 100 years after they were built! No. 6 is currently resting in the loco shed at Cooma Railway Station with the rest of our rail motor fleet, eagerly awaiting it's return to the rails, while our volunteers complete necessary repairs to our track.

100 Today – CPH #62024-04-19T11:51:09+10:00

ClubGRANTS – New Welder


Thanks to the generous support of the Cooma Ex-Services Club through the ClubGRANTS program, CMR were able purchase a new UNIMIG multi-process welder. The welder will become an important part of our toolkit and will assist our team of volunteers with a variety of projects, including restoration work on our heritage rolling stock, repair and maintenance work on our rolling stock as well as other projects around the railway precinct as we look to expand the visitor experience. It also provides an opportunity for our youth volunteers to further develop their skills. As we work to expand our miniature [...]

ClubGRANTS – New Welder2024-02-04T21:52:57+11:00

Defibrillator at Cooma Station


Thanks to a generous donation from Snowy Monaro Regional Council, we were recently able to install an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) at Cooma Railway Station. These devices can be the difference between life and death, and we are grateful to have been given this opportunity for our volunteers, visitors and residents of Cooma. While we hope it doesn't need to be used, it's reassuring to know that it is available. Thank you to Snowy Monaro Regional Council for your support.

Defibrillator at Cooma Station2024-02-04T21:54:45+11:00

Stronger Together – CMR Signs MoU with Friends of Bombala Railway


This weekend was a very exciting weekend for the future of railway tourism in the Monaro with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Cooma Monaro Railway and the Friends of Bombala Railway, establishing a join venture partnership to develop the Railway Pedal Cart experience in Bombala and facilitate the return of tourist trains to the region. The MoU provides a framework for our groups to formally collaborate on the establishment of both the Pedal Cart experience and tourist trains through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources. It also establishes a mechanism for our groups to [...]

Stronger Together – CMR Signs MoU with Friends of Bombala Railway2023-11-26T19:47:55+11:00
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