The journey to return tourist trains to the rails took another step today as the team started rejuvenation work on the Yareen Road Level Crossing.

This crossing hasn’t seen a train for the best part of a decade, so it was definitely in need of some TLC from our track team, who have made some great progress. So far they have:

🔹 Cleaned and removed old paint from the lights
🔹 Removed the old stop and crossing signs
🔹 Cleaned and removed old paint from the control hut
🔹 Painted the light posts and barriers
🔹 First coat of paint on the control hut
🔹 Fitted new stop signs
🔹 Cleared the flange gaps on both approaches

It’s looking amazing and it will be even better when the new Railway Crossing signs are installed. There is still a bit of work to be done though with the lights needing to be painted, new crossing signs installed, fence replaced and lines marked on the road.

🙏 Thank you to all the people that stopped and said g’day to our track team today on Yareen Road. It’s great to see so much support, and our volunteers love hearing from you. 😃

Looking forward to this one being completed over the next couple of weeks, ready for some testing.