It’s been a couple of months since work commenced on the restoration of the Railway Institute Building and it’s full steam ahead. Over the past two months, our volunteers have been busy preparing the exterior of the building for restoration, including:

🔹 Removal of the old timber sleeper retaining wall to be replaced with a 3m high concrete cast-sleeper retaining wall that will also create the footing for the visitor walking path.
🔹 Removal of the old tennis court fencing to be replaced with new poles and fencing.
🔹 Removal of the old pine awning that will be replaced with a new hardwood structure and galvanised iron roof as was originally installed with the old material to be recycled and used in the perway depot.
🔹 Relocation of the shed at the rear of the building which will be reused in the perway depot.

While work continued on the outside, our local flooring partner Tom Brown has woven his magic on the timber floors throughout the inside of the building which look absolutely amazing.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received delivery of the new fencing for the tennis courts, electrical supplies, hardwood timber for the new awning and the first load of cast-concrete sleepers and steel beams for the construction of the new retaining wall which will commence very soon.

We can’t wait to share this amazing piece of Cooma history with the community and once again see it “stimulating growth and intellectual development in the arts, social, leisure, and physical recreations” as was it’s original purpose!