Normally we like to share positive stories about the exciting progress being made by our volunteers but unfortunately today, our update is not a positive one.

Shortly after midday today, volunteers working at Cooma Railway Station noticed smoke coming from the cutting on the northern approach to Cooma yard. Upon closer investigation, an individual was observed in the cutting, attempting to systematically set fire to multiple railway sleepers.

The resulting fire then spread to the grass across the former stock sidings and down the track to the northern gates of the railway precinct before it could be extinguished by the NSW Fire Service.

This was a direct and targeted attack which we can only assume was intended to destroy railway infrastructure in an attempt by the person or persons involved to hinder our ability to return operational services to the line.

Unfortunately for the person involved, we were able to obtain photos of them leaving the scene which have been provided to NSW Police to assist with their investigation.

It’s extremely sad that people feel the need to take actions like this but fortunately in this instance, the damage caused by the fire was minimal. We certainly hope that this is an isolated event.

If anyone has additional information about this event or those involved, please contact Cooma Police.