CMR Cadets

Inspiring the next generation of heritage enthusiasts

The CMR Cadet program aims to inspire the next generation of heritage enthusiasts by connecting the youth of the Monaro region with like minded peers, and provide opportunities for them to learn and develop real-world skills through mentoring with industry experts and participation in hands-on projects.


  • Create a safe and inclusive environment for youth in the Monaro to develop their passion for heritage preservation
  • Support community development amongst our youth
  • Provide opportunities for participants to develop a diverse range of skills and learn from industry experts
  • Assist with the development of career pathways
  • Build a deeper understanding of the rich history and heritage of the Monaro region among our youth


  • One formal in-person training day per month, on site at Cooma Railway Station
  • Annual group trip to visit another organisation or operation in the industry
  • Additional optional virtual or face-to-face mentoring sessions with industry experts
  • Ongoing project work as desired
  • Access to scheduled training pathways through the CMR Institute

Skill Development:

As an operational museum, the opportunities for our Cadets are not only limited to trade skills. Cadets are exposed to all aspects of operations, including:

  • Customer service and cash handling
  • Project planning, financial management and marketing
  • Trade skills including welding, sheet metal working, carpentry cabinet making
  • Horticulture

Cadets also have access to our tourist railway training pathways that include:

  • Track workers
  • Train drivers and guards
  • Train operations
  • Mechanical maintenance and repair
  • Engine maintenance and repair


The Cadet program is open to youth from 11 – 18 years old in the wider Monaro region.


If you would like more information about the CMR Cadet program or would like to get involved, please contact


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